• Becoming and Making Disciples.


  • To identify committed laity and initiate them in to discipleship
  • To facilitate the laity to know and live the Word of God
  • To empower the laity as disciples
  • To initiate the trained laity into evangelization and animate them to lose voluntarily their time, resource and energy for the mission of evangelization
  • To facilitate the laity in order to eradicate the social evils in the light of the Word of God and to make Jesus known to all.
  • To encourage the laity to actively participate in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.
  • To create networking among groups involved in evangelization in Tamil Nadu and to bring together the interested clergy and religious in proclamation.
  • To create and to manage a regional resource centre for evangelization and lay empowerment.
  • To provide opportunity to laity of other dioceses to update them with skills and techniques on new evangelization.


  • Lay formation and faith resource development centre
  • Commissioning laity to be messengers of Good News and peace making
  • Initiating faith formation in villages through regular visits and facilitation of sodalities
  • Managing special school for mentally challenged children
  • Offering quality rehabilitative support to mentally challenged children
  • Organizing rural women and children to create a better world by networking and collaborating with other entities