ARULCHANDRU NILAYAM which is administered by Angelo Province (www.angeloprovince.org) is an unit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (www.brothersindia.org) an indigenous Religious Brotherhood Institute founded in 1903 by Fr. Adrian Caussanel, a French Jesuit missionary. The Centre is managed by ANISE, a Registered Charitable Society (Sl. No: 64/2006) under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975

Prior to the bifurcation of the diocese of Sivagangai from the Archdiocese of Madurai, at the invitation of the then Archbishop of Madurai Most Rev. Justin Diraviam,  pioneered by Brothers Gabriel SHJ., and Visuvasam SHJ., Brothers of the Sacred Heart  established Arulchandru Nilayam in the year 1978 at Paramakudi. The aims for establishing the centre are :

  • To propagate and strengthen the Catholic Faith in rural villages
  • To empower the Laity in the light of the Second Vatican Council through proper and regular formative trainings and thereby facilitating them to equally and fully participate in the life and the mission of the Church

After the erection of Sivagangai Diocese, the coordination of the Commission for Proclamation has been entrusted to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and since then the centre has been functioning as its Secretariat.

All along these years, the activities of the centre are being untaken in the name and on behalf of the Diocese of Sivagangai (www.rcdioceseofsivagangai.com) and the Diocesan Commission for Proclamation in collaboration with the committed laity, clergy and the Sisters of Immaculate Conception of Mary (www.cicmadurai.org).